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We take pride in offering insight from the point of view of a practicing physician with experience building a clinical practice, overseeing a broad-reaching telemedicine program, implementing advanced practice providers into the clinical sphere, and establishing a multi-disciplinary clinic.

Our Solutions Drive Impact for Healthcare Organizations and Medical Practices

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 Coding & Reimbursement

An Expert that Understands the Unique Challenges with Coding & Reimbursement

 Non-Physician Providers

Creating Value for Interventional and Diagnostic Radiology Practices

 Practice Development

Strategies to Drive Grow Revenue and Sustainable Growth

Diagnostic Radiology

Implementing Strategies to Drive Efficiencies in Your Practice

Interventional Radiology

Our Team can Assist in Developing the Path for IR in your Hospital or Practice


An Innovative Approach to Implementing Telemedicine Services in Hosptials and Healthcare Organizations

Listen to Our Founder

Dr. Hawkins presents at the ACR 2018 Economics Forum. Skip to 49:30 on this video and learn more about his approach.

About Hawkins Healthcare

Hawkins Healthcare Consulting provides comprehensive consulting solutions related to coding and reimbursement;
non-physician providers;
practice development;

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